Private Equity

Triune is an impact investor that applies sound investment principles and tools to pursue value creation. Triune focuses on building high potential platform companies in targeted industries.

Triune’s commitment to the environment is demonstrated in developing our Renewable Energy Development Fund platform, which invests in Early, Mid and Later–Stage Renewable Energy projects.

Impact investing necessitates the intentionality of financial plus social value creation. Our method of building impactful, efficient, sound, and highly profitable businesses is achieved through a bottoms-up transformation strategy. This meticulous due-diligence process scrutinises the risks and identifies catalysts to realise the highest value.

Our Investment Committee directs transformation by providing insights on all aspects of the business and project operations. Once a business or project joins the portfolio, we assist management in crafting a plan to attain and harness their full potential consistently over the long term.

We prefer to pursue friendly transactions and work with highly skilled and talented management teams to achieve the best transformative results.

Types of Investment


Greenfield and later-stage development projects

Control and non-control growth equity investments
Smaller companies, scalable platforms, bankable management teams
Control leveraged buyouts of both large and mid-cap companies

Opportunistic transactions


BEE structures

Transaction Advisory

We provide our clients with a full suite of transaction services which include but are not limited to target identification, valuation, deal structuring, M&A and fundraising.